Case REsults

Case Results

Tawauna was accused of felony stealing and facing up to 7 years in prison. Attorney Raghebi reviewed the evidence and found problems with the State’s case against her.
Susan was charged with felony possession of drugs. Since she had other cases, there was a good chance she would do time.


Andrew was charged with driving while intoxicated. Because Andrew wisely listened to the advice of counsel in his case and did not submit to a breathalyzer, we were able to fight the case.
After putting the State’s case to the test, the State opted to instead cut a deal to avoid a trial, and the charges were reduced
Vincent was not properly advised of his Miranda rights, and due to this learning disabilities, could not voluntarily waive his Miranda rights, the State reduced the charges
Sarah was charged with Assault in the second degree. After putting the State’s case to the test by making the State carry their burden of proof, the charges were dismissed.
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