Missouri and Illinois DUI & DWI Defense

Missouri and Illinois DUI & DWI Defense

Missouri and Illinois are cracking down on DUIs and DWIs, and the punishments can be quite severe. These charges can not only impact your ability to operate a motor vehicle but can impact your insurance payments and other freedoms as well. We can provide you with a smart defense against these charges on both sides of the river, so give us a call regardless of where the incident occurred. The harsh penalties of these charges are not to be taken lightly.

What is the law? A blood alcohol concentration or “BAC” of more than .08% is the limit. Testing above this level, or above .04% as a commercial driver, can have a serious impact on your life.

We can help you with:

Underage Driver DWI / DUI
Boating While Intoxicated
Vehicle Accidents
Vehicular Child Endangerment
First Time & Multiple Offenders

These charges can have lasting impacts on your life, from loss of employment to other restrictions on transportation and even housing. Penalties for these charges can be harsh and long-lasting, so it is crucial to build a smart defense with a lawyer with expertise in this field. Raghebi Law LLC has the know-how to build a solid defense strategy that factors in all of the elements of your case.

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